EEOptics Corporation

EEOptics: High Performance Electro-optical Crystals

EEOptics Corporation is the worldwide first company developed a high performance, practically useful EEO Crystal. EEO crystal has very high Electro-Optic Coefficient, broad transparent bandwidth, high response speed. EEOptics makes commitment to research and explore electro-optics potentials of EEO crystals for the designers and builders of next-generation optical and photonic systems.

Based on the proprietary electro-optic (EO) functions of the EEO crystals and a state-of-the-art free-space micro-optic technology, EEOptics Corporation provide users fully packaged pockels cells and photonic devices with exceptionally high speed, ultra-low loss, broad bandwidth, large degree of freedom for polarization testing and measurement, fiber optic sensing, fiber laser, quantum computing, medical devices, and telecommunication systems.


What is EEO Crystal?

EEO crystal is revolutionary, practically useful PMN-PT based Electro-optical (EO) crystal. EEO stands for inverse Piezoelectric "E", and Elasto "E", Optic "O". The unique features are well identified from the combination of inverse Piezoelectric effect and Elasto-Optic effects. The EEO crystal is structurally stable, crystal-clear, transparent over the wide optical wavelength range from 300~7000nm. It shows great effective E-O coefficient, 20 to 60 times higher than other traditional EO crystals. The EEO crystals can be widely used for a variety of high speed (<10µs) electro-optical applications.